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Trophy, age 25

My love and passion for the Morgan Horse is a legacy left to me by my maternal grandfather, D.F. Switzler of Carrolltown, PA (thus the name and prefix, LEGACY). He purchased the noted foundation sire, TROPHY [Mentor x Norma], as a yearling from the USDA dispersal sale in 1950. As a young girl, I spent my summers and holidays on my Grandfather’s farm grooming and playing with such noted individuals as TROPHY’S AWARD, TROPHY’S BRACELET, TROPHY’S CRYSTAL, TROPHY’S CUPID, TROPHY’S EMERALD, TROPHY’S JADE, TROPHY’S HEIR, TROPHY’S LUCKY LAD, TROPHY’S KEEPSAKE,  TROPHY’S KNEE HIGH, RUTHVEN’S NANCY ANN, RUTHVEN’S BETTY ANN, and many others as foals and young stock.

As a teenager, I traveled with my Grandfather to visit horse farms from New England to Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio looking for broodmares and breeding stock. I learned all I could by listening to the conversations my Grandfather would have with such noted breeders and trainers as Bob Baker, Lyman Orcutt, Dr. A.G. Ruthven, Marilyn and Harold Childs, Bill Cashman, Doris Ryan and Helen Greenwalt, to name a few. It was one of the greatest learning experiences anyone could have.


Then in May 1970, as I was graduating from college, my Grandfather died unexpectedly.

All of his breeding stock, including the renown TROPHY, would be sold in a silent bid auction in July of that year. I knew I had to get at least ONE out of the sale and I chose my Grandfather’s favorite TROPHY daughter, TROPHY’S CUPID. She was 12 at the time with a pretty filly at her side sired by my Grandfather’s Junior Sire, UVM PENNFIELD. I scraped, borrowed and begged money until I had enough to be the highest bid (at $1,550) for Cupid and her filly, PENN’S NUTMEG.

Once I got my feet on the ground with a new job and a place to board my horses, I began studying the breeding regimes of the old government farm. I chose the line breeding technique that they used to created TROPHY and chose the best popular outcrosses that I could afford. At that time the most noted breeding stallions were CHASLEY SUPERMAN and WINDCREST MUSIC MAN. I bred Cupid to each of them twice and got four fabulous stud colts! Then I went about collecting back as many of the TROPHY daughters that I could find and began my line breeding program based on the now famous, government stallion, TROPHY.

Trophy's CupidTrophy's Cupid


Mare PastureWindcrest Music Man

Legacy's Masterpiece
Legacy's Masterpiece

I kept my operation small in numbers and aimed for the highest quality possible. I had a knack for advertising, sales and promotion and put the first full page, full color ad in the Morgan Horse Magazine, featuring SUPERB CREATION (Chasley Superman x Trophy’s Cupid). The list of Champions grew to include, LEGACY’S MONARCH, LEGACY’S MASTERPIECE, LEGACY’S DESERT ROSE, LEGACY’S VIKING, ADVENTURE’S NICOLE, LEGACY’S PRIMA DONNA, ULTIMATE CREATION, and many other champions. I was the first person to successfully create the TROPHY/NOCTURNE cross, which ultimately became the most sought after cross in America, and now is one of the most significant crosses found in most pedigrees of Morgan show horses today.

Chasley Superman
Chasley Superman

Ultimate Creation


As a young breeder and trainer in the 1970’s, I was recruited by W. Dayton Sumner (then Chairman of the Morgan Judging Standards Committee) to become a judge and clinician. It was quite a privilege and thrill. I learner judged with Bob Whitney, Jim Anderson, Don Burt, and Dayton Sumner. I took clinics with Helen Crabtree and Don Burt. I eventually acquired Judging cards in the Arabian, Half Arabian, National Show Horse, Morgan, Andalusian, Saddle Seat, Stock Seat, Western Seat Equitation Divisions. With my training, credentials and background in formal education, I became a clinician and found another great joy, the sharing of knowledge. It was a wonderful time in my life.

Then in 1989, I had a serious bout with cancer and had to drop out of all horse activity for a long while. I dispersed all my horses and focused on healing the cancer and raising my son. After a 10 year hiatus, I am back breeding an elite group of quality show stock with the last of the TROPHY mare lines available in the US today. They are featured on this website for your perusal.

I love sharing my passion, joy, knowledge and experience with new breeders and young people who truly love horses, especially the Morgan Horse.

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Legacy's Eminence
Legacy's Eminence


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